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Jesse Wolfe, AKA Colombian Dragon, is a Boston area Hip Hop producer and beat maker. He’s also the founder of Groundbreaker Enterprises, an independent Hip Hop production collective.

Jesse heard his first sample when he was 13 years-old — A DJ scratch that changed his life. He was immediately hooked on Hip Hop production. Ever since that first track, Jesse has made his life about music. Listening, creating, critiquing, and dreaming up new sounds.

Today, Jesse splits his time building tracks in his home studio and at Blink Music in Boston. He’s currently finishing his first full length record which will feature local and home grown talent and is currently looking for artists to collaborate with.



Big Zack started his love for rap and hip hop in 2006 when he heard Gangsta Nation by Westside Connection for the first time. He’s been hooked on music ever since.

Big Zack met Jesse “Colombian Dragon” in 2009 as a DJ. They proceeded to talk about music, clicked and have been friends ever since. Zack later found out that Jesse was a music producer and made beats– at the time, Zack thought it was amazing– he had thoughts of making some kind of music in the music world and doing what Jesse was doing with Groundbreaker Entertainment. Zack started helping out and started to watch Jesse, then tried it for himself. Zack and Jesse realized they could become a team, making beats together and being great producers.

In 2011 Big Zack started doing promo, then proceeded to doing promo for Millyz handing out CDs. When Zack turned 18 he started going to all kinds of rap and hip hop shows hosted by Leedz Edu at the Middle East, where he has met many legends and local talents along the way. He has his own autograph wall of talents of all kinds, from DJ Premier, the Lox, Mobb, Deep Snowgoons, NBS, and many more. He has a high desire for music and a way he thinks it should sound. He also started going to the Wreck Shop Movement subway cipher where he took lots of videos documenting what hip hop is really all about. Coming together, Zack took artists he liked to the studio to make relationships for music work. He is always coming up with the next idea, looking for the next song and the next thing we should do for Groundbreaker Enterprises.

Zack and Jesse work very well as team of producers. Zack also works for Capital Front Booking as a show host.

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Jesse Wolfe, Owner, Groundbreaker Enterprises
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The Story of Groundbreaker Enterprises

“I moved to Massachusetts when I was 13 years old to go to the Massachusetts Hospital School in Canton, a specialized school for disabled kids. I had grown up with this dream to play baseball, because I’d loved baseball my whole life. I was 13 and thinking that one day I’d grow out of my disability and be normal, but then I saw people who were 20 years old and still in wheelchairs. And I realized, damn, I’m never gonna play baseball. What am I gonna do now?

“I had to come up with a new goal, I had to come up with a new thing. I have to be going towards something. I couldn’t rap or sing or dance or anything, but I liked music, so a couple of my friends rapped and I DJed and I thought of making beats, and it was just the three of us trying to do something. In a wheelchair, you don’t really have that many options, so I mean, I guess back then, it was our way of doing something real.”

– Jesse Wolfe, Founder


Groundbreaker Enterprises is a record label that has moved around over the years and has found its home in Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts. Jesse really got serious about Groundbreaker around 2011.

“Boston may not be NY or LA but still we have a lot of local talent. Groundbreaker has worked with over 100 different artists within the area in also being a recording studio and providing a new flavor to a game that’s been played for years.”

“We are open to collaborating with local artists, musicians and promoters. Just give us a call or drop us a line.”

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